Meadow Mowing at Kass-Haff

Scheduled Wild Uelzechtdall
Kass-Haff 187A rue de Luxembourg 7540 Rollingen Map


End of June is a good time for mowing wildflower meadows. Mowing once or twice a year (in early summer and autumn) prevents hedges of spreading on the meadow and it makes space for new flowers. Although not always necessary, this often important duty was once taken care of by grazing animals such as sheep. Today, many of the slopes of the Uelzechtdall are left to them selves and as a consequence, hedges and trees are taking over and replace many rare wildflowers.

Our sown patches near Kass-Haff are developing well and the meadow is filled with new wildflowers. We are looking forward to seeing how the meadow will evolve!

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