Zero Waste Workshop

Scheduled Monthly General Meetings
Veräinshaus Hunsdorf 3, rue du Cimetière L-7396 Hunsdorf Map


Our zero waste workshop will take place on the 12 February from 6pm at the Veräinshaus Hunsdorf. You can of course join later during the evening. We will make:

  • Beewraps
  • Tawashi
  • DIY-Deodorant

What you can bring, if you happen to have it at home:

  • Coconut oil
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Maizena (maize starch)
  • Little glasses or pots with lids to put the deodorant in
  • Essential oils
  • Old (clean) socks
  • Used cloth
  • Cloth scissors
  • Other ideas of diy, upcycle objects

IMPORTANT: the point of this workshop is to reuse material, so please don’t buy anything. Bring what you have and we will share.

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