Seminar on wild flower meadows

Scheduled Wild Uelzechtdall
Kass-Haff / 187A, Rue de Luxembourg / 7540 Rollingen Map


(Informatiounen op Lëtzebuergesch iwwer dësen Event fannt der ënnen op dëser Säit)

Do you own a garden and you wish to make it a happy place for pollinators?
Or you know a place in the Uelzechtdall that could be turned into a wild flower heaven?
Or you want to learn about the decline of pollinators and give us a helping hand in the sowings of wild flower meadows?
Then this is the right event for you!

In this seminar you will learn how to sow a wild flower meadow and you’ll find out about the state of the biodiversity and of pollinators in the Uelzechtdall. This seminar will be the first real activity of the Wild Uelzechtdall initiative that aims to support biodiversity in our communities. Our first wild flower meadow project will be carried out at Kass-Haff and hopefully, it will be followed by many others! Be part of this urban wildlife experience.

This initiative is part of the Plan Pollinisateur promoting pollinators and is organized with the help of the EBL, Mouvement Ecologique and natur&ëmwelt.

The seminar will be held in Luxembourgish. We will do our best to provide an English translation.


10:00 Introduction of Transitioun Uelzechtdall and the Wild Uelzechtdall initiative
10:45 Presentations on biodiversity:
– Habitats in the Uelzechtdall (Claire Wolff, Mouvement Ecologique)
– Wild bees (Elisabeth Kirsch, natur&ëmwelt)

12:00 Lunch – pot luck*

13:00 Workshop: “How to sow a wild flower meadow” (Marianne Kollmesch, Campagne Ouni Pestiziden, EBL)
15:00 Exchange on potential areas where to sow meadows in our communes and follow up
15:30 End

*As is tradition at our events, lunch will be a “pot luck” or shared meal in the style of Auberge Espagnole. This means that everyone is free to bring what they like and then we will share! Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided 🙂

Photos of the Seminar