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TUZD visits Esch-sur-Alzette

[EN] Part of the committee of Transition Uelzechtdall spent an agreeable day in Esch-sur-Alzette alongside members of Transition Minett ( in order to get to know some of their projects. The day started off with a visit and an exchange with Facilitec, a factory of alternative collaborations and local and innovative initiatives aiming towards a …

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Workshop Transition alimentaire

About [EN] Camille Muller offers workshops in schools to raise awareness of a more sustainable way to eat. He encourages the students to reflect on their diets and discusses with them the consequences that our food habits have on the environment and other people or countries. The students for example calculate the carbon footprint of …

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TUZD at the Oekofestival 2021

About Transitioun Uelzechtdall (TUZD) and EnerCoop Uelzechtdall (ECUD) had a stand together at the Oekofsteival 2021 and informed about their activities on the topics of “wild flower meadows” (wild uelzechtdall), “energy cooperative” (EnerCoop), “nutritional transition” (Transition Alimentaire) and encouraged participation. During the festival, TUZD, in cooperation with the Mouvement Ecologique, organised a workshop on planting …

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EnerCoop information event – photovoltaic plant in Helmsange

About AboutEnerCoop Uelzechtdall invites you to an information event about the construction of a new photovoltaic plant in Helsamge. We will introduce ourselves, the project and opportunities for participation. Take an active part in the energy transition – you are welcome to participate. You will find more information here:

Foodsavers Online Meeting

About Did you know that we have the power to reduce gastronomy and commerce food waste by 90%? In 2019 a total of 70 800 tons of food was wasted in Luxembourg. 75.3% of this was household waste and 14.7% was gastronomy and commerce waste combined.Foodsharing Luxembourg’s vision is all edible food in Luxembourg is consumed and in 2020 they …

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Transition Days Podcast with EnerCoop

About “How to live together in a one planet world?” Sebastian Dietz was invited for the Transition Days podcast and talks to Luc Spada about the energy revolution and EnerCoop Uelzechtdall. You can listen to the full length of the talk here.

Urban Biodiversity Bike Ride

About With our Wild Uelzechtdall project, we aim to support and develop urban biodiversity. Our villages are important habitats for various plants and animals and we strive to help developing a rich network of local wild flowers providing food and habitats for insects. Join us on our first discovery bike ride through our municipalities to …

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