Transitioun Ulzechtdall

Monthly General Meetings

About Our general meetings take place on the second Wednesday of every month and they are open for everyone. Occasionally, members organize workshops or other activities. In general, we discuss: meet & greet with new members opportunity for our projects groups to report their progress & give advise answer general questions overall association duties Feel …

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Graupesushi Cooking Workshop

Overview Camille lead a workshop on how to make “Graupesushi”. We had fun learning how to make sushi without rice. At the same time, we discussed why the consumption of rice can be seen as problematic as its production is an important methane emitter which is a much stronger greenhouse gas than CO2. Photos

Plastic Attack @ Cactus Bereldange

About The idea is simple: Go to the supermarket and to your shopping Unpack your groceries in the shop Leave unnecessary packaging behind Have a chat with other costumers about their groceries and packaging Media Gallery Files Example for files needed before or a after the activity report.

Alles op de Velo

About This summer, we had a delicious tex mex wrap stand in at the “Alles op de Velo” event organized by the Mouvement Ecologique in Mersch. Hungry cyclists could replenish and we were sold out to the last bean. Photos

Public Awareness

About We are welcoming all kinds of actions to build awareness for a sustainable lifestyle and to get together in order to rethink how we eat, how we move, how we consume, how we live… Send us your ideas or tell us about them at one of our meetings and we’ll do our best to …

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Seed Bombs Picnic

About The TUZD group gathered in Hunsdorf for a very enjoyable picnic with delicious food. After filling our hungry stomachs, we got our hands dirty and made a lot of seed bombs with local seeds which we dispersed later on through the Uelzechtdall. Media Gallery Files Example for files needed before or a after the …

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Community Garden

About In May 2019 the Commune of Lorentzweiler opened a community garden in the lovely village of Hünsdorf. Located near the cycle path and a children’s playground, the garden is also close to the river Alzette. The gardening activities are carried out in a way that is respectful and in harmony with the natural environment. …

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Wild Uelzechtdall

About Imagine an Uelzechtdall filled with thriving natural gardens, orchards and wild flower meadows, providing rich habitats for a wide diversity of animals such as insects, birds or mammals. Pretty picture, isn’t it? Well, the Wild Uelzechtdall group is working on it by restoring natural areas, supporting biodiversity in urban areas and building awareness. Our …

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About Around 35 people came to our Action-Brunch and filled the tables with delicious food. The brunch-buffet was fantastic, and so was the action: After a presentation of the transition movement in general and an explanation about the aims of the day, the participants chose one of four projects, they want to contribute to. In …

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